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Membership Information

Anyone who is interested in caves and caving can become a member of the Bloomington Indiana Grotto. All are welcome to attend meetings regardless of membership status or experience level! Collected membership dues help pay for cave-related conservation and exploration efforts, grotto events, and related supplies and equipment as needed.

Becoming a general member entitles you to vote at meetings, receive the BIG Newsletter publication, and be given priority for BIG activities where participation is limited. Officers must also be members of the National Speleological Society.

Click HERE to fill out a BIG Membership Form!

Membership Eligibility:

  • Attend a minimum of 3 BIG monthly meetings and/OR participate in at least one cave trip or grotto event with an active BIG member to vouch for you. If you are an NSS member, you are automatically eligible. Former BIG members can be reinstated simply by paying dues.
  • Pay $10 annual dues (assessed in January each year – please prorate accordingly if desired). Paying dues prior to official grotto vote will allow access to the publications.
  • Once dues have been submitted, the grotto will vote on the new member at the next monthly meeting. If you send dues but have never been to a BIG meeting or event, please introduce yourself by contacting the BIG Officers so we can answer any questions and make sure you are in the loop for publications and grotto events
  • To renew your BIG membership, simply pay $10 each January and you will be all set for the year!
If you would like, please add 80 cents to your payment to cover PayPal fees

*Note: please include your preferred email address with PayPal payment note so we can contact you and send a newsletter

Regular Membership – $10/year

Eligibility: Attend 3 grotto meetings and/or participate in at least one cave trip or grotto event with an active BIG member present. NSS members automatically eligible. These requirements may be waived due to extenuating circumstances. Regular members are entitled to vote, receive publications, and will be given priority for events and activities that have limited space available.

Subscription-Only Membership $5/year

Subscribing members are those who wish to receive publications only. This level of membership does not allow for a vote or priority for events or activities with limited space.

Family & Youth Membership Options

Family memberships $20 The family is entitled to one vote and one publication per household and all members are entitled to the other privileges of regular membership. Eligibility: Applies to all family members residing at the same address.

Individual Youth Membership $5 Anyone under the age of 18 will be designated as Youth member. Members in this classification will not be able to vote, but are entitled to all other privileges of regular membership.

Honorary Membership – Dues Exempt

This designation may be for life or a designated number of years based on vote by 2/3 majority of the grotto. Honorary members are exempt from paying dues while enjoying all privileges of regular membership.

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